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Registered Office:

The Old Treasury, 7 Kings Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO5 4DJ


Company Reg. No: 9345419 Registered in England and Wales

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Anti-burglar protection and deterrent security products


The Xpanda range of physical security solutions offer a visual deterrent and act as an effective security barrier suitable across a variety of applications. The off the shelf design and trackless system esures that Xpanda is easy to operate and is suitable aross almost any size or shape of opening.


With its diamond design Xpanda creates an aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive look and is the ideal solution where ventilation os required.

  Ideal for:



Catering facilities


Motorway service station conssesions

Shop display windows

Patio doors


The Xpanda system creates an effective barrier whilst allowing for maximum air-flow. When not in use the system can be folded away for maximum visilibity.

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Anti-Ram Bollards


Absolute Shutters UK offer a vast range of security bollards and posts differing in thickness, diameter and height. We supply and install fixed, removable and telescopic bollards. Our high security bollards are insurance comany apporved and our galvanised steel posts are Sold Seal Secure. We offer many types if security bollards to suit all situations and security requirement. Bollards are a cost effective solution to perimeter and commercial building protection.

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